Our story began in the emergency room

Nightingale Advantage Program was launched by American Dream Mortgage as a direct result of a medical emergency that landed Tim Brannon, idea man for this program, in the hospital and into emergency surgery in January of 2017. As Tim was being rolled into the operating room, he made a deal with himself— if he came out of this on the other side, he would do something to give back to those who give the most.

Crazy thoughts like mowing nurse’s lawns (he’s too old) or painting their houses (he’s way too old) crossed his mind. Then it became clear that the best and most impactful way he could give back, would be through his professional expertise in mortgage lending. Three days after Tim’s life-saving surgery he began working on how to bring the Nightingale Advantage to life.

Leading with gratitude

We believe the Nightingale Advantage Program is the only mortgage/real estate program in the country that was created from a profound sense of gratitude. This makes everything we do a little different. To be able to give something back to those that serve us 365 days a year is our special honor and privilege.

By working with some like-minded real estate agents, Nightingale Advantage Program became a quantifiable way to save you a significant amount of money when using American Dream Mortgage for your loan products. We cover most, if not all, of the closing costs associated with purchasing or refinancing a home. This is made possible by the generous contributions of both American Dream Mortgage and participating Real Estate Agents who also believe that giving back to you is the most satisfying part of their careers.

Proud partners

We are proud to partner with Nightingale Loan Specialists at American Dream Mortgage, who have been staking their claim at the forefront of the mortgage industry. Whether its an all-encompassing suite of loan products or next-generation technologies, Nightingale Specialists are at the cutting edge of lending, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Their efforts have drawn the attention of not only borrowers but industry experts as well.

Participating Real Estate Agents are also committed to giving back to those who give so much by assisting with the real estate side of your transaction.

Together, Nightingale Advantage provides a powerhouse of savings for our clients! The professionals and their dedication to their profession as well as their desire to use their expertise for the benefit of others is our secret sauce. We can’t wait to work with you!


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