What is Nightingale Benefits?

Nightingale Benefits is a program offered to save you thousands on a qualifying home loan, often covering most if not all closing costs AT the time of closing.*

Why are you doing this?

Simply put, because we care. Our Executive Director had a life changing medical emergency and his life was saved by the experts who cared for him. He dedicated the rest of his career to doing whatever he can to giving back to people who give so selflessly in their professions. You wouldn’t think that a mortgage lender could use their expertise to give back, but Tim found a way. You can read more about him here. We’re so proud to have Specialists who also believe in our mission and work to give back every day!

Who are our clients?

Healthcare employees, active military, veterans, and first responders. This means anyone who works in these professions in some capacity are eligible for our savings.

Can you give some examples of what our clients do for a living? I’m not sure if I qualify.

We have saved money on home loans for: veterinarians, police officers, charge nurses, EMT’s, retired air force pilots, front desk administrators at doctors offices, Ophthalmologists, Volunteer Firefighters, active duty deployed military families…and many, many more. If you think you might qualify, you probably do. Medical students, and those still in training are also eligible.

I work weird hours. I’m not available during normal 8-5 work days for the entire process. Can you still help me?

Absolutely. We specialize in being flexible, knowing that our clients are needed in their professions at all hours, and that serving others doesn’t stop because of a weekend or a holiday. We do whatever we can to work around your work/family schedule.

How do my loan specialist and my real estate specialist work together to get me the savings?

Both the lender and the real estate agent are committed to giving back to you directly. This is why working with Nightingale Specialists is so special. We’ve created a program that lets others who want to give back, do so through their careers as well.

What is the catch? This sounds too good to be true.

There really is no catch other than qualifying for a home loan or refinancing opportunity. Nightingale Benefits is not a commitment to lend, but if you’re qualifying for a loan, we can save you money on that loan if you work with our specialists.

Does Nightingale Benefits change my loan eligibility?

We do not. Nightingale is a saving program that is applied to your specific loan you have already qualified for.

What if I have bad credit?

We love working with people to help them get to a place where they can obtain the home loan that is right for them! Reach out and lets start the process.

What if I’m not ready to buy right now but want to be prepared?

The best thing you can do, especially in todays market, is be prepared. Do this by reaching out to our loan specialists and working towards or completing the pre-approval process. Having a Nightingale Loan Specialist and a Nightingale Real Estate Specialist at the ready to get you into your dream home, at the right time, makes for a much smoother process, and lets you focus on finding the home of your dreams! We want to hear from you NOW even if you’re a year away from needing your loan.

Can I use Nightingale Benefits savings if I want to refinance my home?

Yes, you can use our savings for a refinancing loan. Since refinancing does not require a real estate transaction, your saving are only on through your participating loan specialist.

How do I prove I’m eligible?

Your employment information and verification that is done through the loan process confirms your eligibility. There are no extra steps to take!

If I’m current or former military, do I have to use VA Loan to save money with you?

Sometimes a VA loan is the right option, other times it is not. The best way to know is to reach out to our experienced and dedicated loan specialists to discuss your loan options and all of the ways in which we can save you lots of money!

What if I already have a loan officer or real estate agent that I want to work with?

The Nightingale savings is a partnership between participating loan officers and real estate agents. In order to receive the most savings, both entities (for a new loan) would need to be program participants. We do have some that still save a lesser amount by using only one Nightingale Specialist (loan or real estate) in conjunction with their own referrals.

How do Covid-19 restrictions/protocols affect my ability to take out a new loan or refinance?

They don’t! We’ve created processes and procedures, including an e-sign opportunity that get the job done in the same amount of time, but with the amount of in person contact that you are comfortable with, or that is mandated by our current requirements for social distancing and precautions.

I have more questions about home loans.

We thought you might! Reach out today and we would be happy to answer all of your questions. There is no pressure. We are truly most interested in giving back to those who give so much every day.

Read our official *terms and conditions here for a more detailed look at how we save you more than any other program out there. You can also check out our mortgage calculator for a quick idea of how much you can save on your closing costs.