We’re pleased to present our Specialist Spotlight series! Our marketing team is highlighting some of the hard working mortgage specialists that are passionate about giving back to healthcare employees, first responders and the military. Nightingale Specialists are proud to be able to use their career to give back to others.

This spotlight features Heather Cutler. Heather is not only a mortgage lender, but she is an Operations Manager as well. Heather has been a Colorado loan officer for 23 years and counting. She truly loves what she does!

Heather is one of our beloved specialists, but she has raised four children as a single mother. We asked her if there was a personal connection to Nightingale Benefits, and if there was something that fuels her desire to give back to those who give as a Nightingale Specialist.

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“My oldest son had cancer when he was 7 years old.  I’ve been blessed with a successful career AND being able to raise 4 children on my own, and I’ve always looked for ways to give back. Nightingale is a way for me to reach out to healthcare professionals who have helped so many others like my son, and do what I can to give back to them. There is no way to repay someone for saving your child’s life, this is my opportunity to continually express my gratitude.”



Since Heather is - Nightingale Advantage 78328256_10218118765554873_6304924222871306240_nalso a manager, we asked her how her unique position helps her do her job well!

“Even if I am not the loan officer, being part of the program allows me to see the needs of the loan officers as well so I can ensure our process and our customer service is the best.  It also helps me understand the needs of the borrowers who are working long hours that aren’t your typical 9-5 so my operations staff is more understanding.”

When it comes to working with Heather  for a home loan, we asked her to put into her own words why she’s THE BEST choice. This is a hard question for people to answer, but we think Heather’s expertise shines through!


“I know exactly what is needed in order to get a loan closed quickly and seamlessly so the borrower can focus on the excitement of home buying! I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and I am confident that whether you are buying your first home or building your forever home, I can help!”

Lets take a look at what some of Heather’s clients have to say!

Heather is one of the best loan officers that my wife and I have ever worked with, and there were many. I am a retired residential real estate appraiser and my wife was a mortgage underwriter and processor. Heather not only is good with her business, she also has some great references for us to work with including realtors, home inspectors, etc. We purchased our home in Pueblo West and used Heather’s company for that transaction. Now we are moving again to northern Colorado and Heather is handling this transaction. I would recommend anyone who is buying a home or refinancing to give Heather a call.


Heather was very helpful, honest, and professional. I had spoken to another loan company via the telephone after completing an online mortgage calculator. That company was very pushy but advertised something that could better my financial situation. I consulted with Heather and she was able to provide an honest opinion. She put some numbers together that were better and more affordable than the other company.


Heather and the team are very experienced and extremely professional. I will definitely return as a customer and highly recommend to potential buyers.

We are sure that you will find Heather to be knowledgable, personable, and ready to assist you with a home loan of any kind. If you’d like to contact Heather, you can find her on Facebook or reach out to her through our contact form here on our website.