I want to thank you for handling the recent refinance of our mortgage. As I mention, I received letter from my mortgage company showing me how much my monthly payment would change if I refinanced. After I considered the idea, I turned to you because of the wonderful service you have provided in the past. In fact, I wasn’t about to consider any other company or bank. You then did a fantastic job handling the refinance. I was stunned at how simple, quick and painless refinancing has become. The experience culminated with a closer name Shawna who came right to our house and presented the paper work for us to sign. I was very impressed with how organized and focused Shawna was considering all of the distractions our house had to offer.

In short, you provide the best refinancing and mortgage banking services available. I will continue to refer you to friends, family and strangers. You provided the best rates and the best experience out there of any lender available. Feel free to use me as a reference. Its not often that I get to vouch 100% for a service or product. But you and your company get my blessing. Keep up the great work!