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Chalkboard Benefits helps school employees save THOUSANDS on a home loan. If you’re looking to refinance or purchase a home, we can help! Our loan specialists and real estate specialists work together to cover most, if not ALL of your closing costs!*

If you are a teacher, an administrative assistance, part time professor, custodian, paraprofessional, or other vital member of our educational system in either public and private schools from pre-school up through college, you qualify! If you work in education in any capacity, the Chalkboard Benefits program is right for you!

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* Lender credit amounts up to 1/2 of 1% of the loan amount and cannot exceed actual closing costs. Example: On a $427,500 loan amount ($450,000 purchase price with 5% down), the lender credit will be $2,137.50. This is not a commitment to lend. Prices, guidelines and minimum requirements are subject to change without notice. Some products may not be available in all states. Subject to review of credit and/or collateral; not all applicants will qualify for financing. Escrow and pre-paids excluded. May not be available on all loan products and transaction types. Not available on Brokered Loans or Bond Programs. Lender credits available on purchase loans or refinances.

* Real Estate Specialists offer up to a 25% credit of earned fees on your transaction. Based on a $450,000 purchase price with 5% down this would be $3,150. This with the above lender credit would be about $5,287 if using Real Estate Specialist in conjunction with your certified loan specialist. Actual savings depends on purchase price and loan amount. Figures shown are for example purposes only and are not guaranteed. Contact your Loan Specialist for more details. Consumers are not required to use any settlement services providers, together or individually, listed on this advertisement. Real estate credits not available on refinances.

$300,000 $1,425 $2,250 $3,675
$400,000 $1,900 $3,000 $4,900
$500,000 $2,375 $3,750 $6,125

*** 5% down