We published an official release from our corporate offices at American Dream Mortgage to celebrate our new 1% closing credit offered by our Nightingale Advantage Program loan executives.


Here is the official release!

Denver, Colorado

For Immediate Release

March, 29, 2021

American Dream Mortgage has raised the bar on giving back to borrowers with the Nightingale Advantage Program.

American Dream Mortgage (“ADM”), a Division of Finance of America Mortgage (NMLS #1071) has revised and upgraded its Nightingale Advantage Program benefiting those who work in the medical field, as first responders, or are active or retired military.

As of March 1st, the revision calls for a new offering of 1% closing credit directly offered by American Dream Mortgage (ADM). This give back amount can be applied towards closing costs, or used to buy down the interest rate of the loan. This is done directly through your loan executive at the time of closing.

ADM representative, Mark Burnett remarked, “We’re excited. This is a big deal for our clients who are purchasing or refinancing their homes. Especially in conjunction with extremely low interest rates you’re currently seeing. We’re proud of what we’re providing our clientele who give so selflessly every day in their chosen careers. It’s just our small way of doing something meaningful for one of the biggest purchases you can make.”.

The Nightingale Advantage Program was started in 2017 after a medical emergency landed Program Executive Director, Tim Brannon, in the hospital with life threatening complications. “If it wasn’t for the team of doctors, specialists, and especially the nurses, I wouldn’t be here. I know loans. So I worked on finding a way to give back through the mortgage industry. It’s become my passion, and in todays world, I can’t think of a better way to use my expertise. To those who have been on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the men and women who are keeping us safe and free across the country and the world for that matter – Thank you. You’re the true heroes. We hope if you’re wanting to buy a house or refinance your current loan, that you’ll be able to use our program to receive this closing cost benefit.”

If you’re working in the medical field in any capacity (administrative, practitioner, sanitation, and more), if you’re a police officer, firefighter, or other first responder, and/or if you’ve previously been in the military, or are currently serving, contact an ADM Loan Executive today to learn more about your options and how much you can receive on your next new home loan or loan refinance.

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Please see website for terms and conditions regarding the Nightingale Advantage Program. At American Dream Mortgage, we lend where we live. That means that for us, you’re more than just a borrower, you’re our neighbor. We will help you find the right mortgage solution for your specific needs. We offer unique programs like the Nightingale Advantage Program and the Flash Mortgage option as a way to make getting a loan a quick and seamless as possible, and we’re always committed to getting you the best loan product available for your specific needs.

American Dream Mortgage is a division of Finance of America Mortgage LLC, NMLS #1071. Finance of America is an Equal Opportunity Lender. See (website) for licensing information. ADM is able to offer this opportunity to qualifying clients and loan products in sixteen states.

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